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Hello and welcome! This site is mostly about my work as a producer and director in TV.


I have been making films about history, religion and archaeology for several years but my interest in these subjects goes back much further than that, almost as far as I can remember. Most important, I love researching and telling stories that matter, showing viewers new ways of seeing the world, both theirs and those of people in the past.


Based in London, I have worked with many of the leading UK documentary production companies including ITV, Ten Alps [Brook-Lapping, Blakeway, 3BM], United/Granada [Bristol], Diverse, Pioneer and Tern [Glasgow]. I am experienced in all formats,  filming in locations in Europe and the UK , America, the Middle East, India and Africa. 

Today I am combining this work with study for a PhD in Classics at King's College, London


Do please browse these pages to see what I have been up to; for a quick rundown click above to check out my CV. Or to see my latest films, click here.


What They Say: Click here for testimonials about my work.

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