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Lost Kingdoms of Africa

Presented by Gus Casely-Hayford

2x 60' for BBC2 and 4, 2010

I directed the first two films in this ground-breaking series about the history of pre-Colonial Africa. The first, 'Nubia', explored five thousand years of Sudanese history, from the time when the Sahara was green to the end of the Roman empire, following echoes of continuity which extend down to the Nuba people of modern Kordofan. The second, 'Ethiopia' followed Ethiopian history back from the present day to its prehistoric past, through the medium of its Christian traditions, which are older than Britain's. Both films introduced the viewers to some astonishing monuments, from the spectacular rock-cut churches of Lalibela and the towering steles of Axum to the countless pyramids and rock-gongs of desert Sudan.



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