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MY OBERAMMERGAU RESEARCH                          Deutsch


Thank you for coming to this page. I will be in Oberammergau for the whole of June to do research into the connections between the drama and people’s religious lives. This is part of a PhD about ancient Greek tragedy, which like the Passion Play, was produced as part of a religious festival, and I am hoping the experience of Oberammergau will provide illuminating comparisons with the ancient theatre, which I can then follow up in the ancient sources.

I would like to interview audience members of this year's Passion Play some time after the performance to explore these issues. I hope very much you can take part. If you would like to, please fill in the form below, and I will contact you to  take things further..


Rest assured that my research is being conducted under the auspices of the Arts and Humanities Ethics committee of King's College London, and all data protection laws apply.

If you would like to know more about me, this site is based on my career as a TV director in the UK, so do click on the menu above to learn more.


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