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'Dark Ages', presented by Robert Beckford

'Dark Continents', presented by Kwame Kwe Armah

Christianity: a History

2 x 50' for Channel 4 2009

Channel 4's idiosyncratic history of Christianity featured a different presenter for each film, ranging from Dan Jacobson to Cherie Blair.


I produced two of the films:


Programme 3: 'Dark Ages' , presented by Robert Beckford, looked at the Christianization of Britain and Christianity's role in forging the kingdom of England in the century after King Alfred's defeat of the Vikings.


Programme 5: 'Dark Continents', presented by Kwame Kwe-Armah, followed the spread of Christianity round the globe in the wake of Columbus. Shot in Mexico, Ghana and Ethiopia, it demonstrated the dazzling growth and diversification of Christianity when it embraced local cultural and religious traditions.




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