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"I've been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people in television. Here are some of them. Click on their names, and you might be able to work with them too!"


Vaughan Matthews: Guilty Pleasures, Delphi, History's Hardest Prison, Lost Kingdoms, ape-man  and many more.

Chris Openshaw: Battlefields, Armada, Empire

Dewald Aukema, Empire, Monarchy

Keith Schofield: Lost Kingdoms, Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth



Paul Paragon, Christianity, Resurrection, The Bible Revolution, Evil

Roger Stamp, ape-man, Abdul Aziz and many more

Paul Kennedy, Empire, Who Wrote the Bible? The Bible Revolution, 

Rob Leveritt, Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth



Nick Follows, Ruling Passions, Golgotha, Armada, Empire

Bill Gill, Guilty Pleasures, The Bridges that Built London, Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth, Rivers

Alastair Auld, Lost Kingdoms of Africa, Guilty Pleasures

Benedict Jackson,  The Bible Revolution, Christianity: a History, Britain's Secret Homes


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