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The Bible Revolution

102' Dramadoc for Channel 4 

Presented by Rod Liddle

Silver Hugo award [USA] CBC award [UK]

Reviews: Observer, Sunday Times, Time Out

Rod Liddle, now of the Sunday Times and Spectator, presented this history of the struggle to publish the Bible in English during the Reformation. A two-hour dramadoc, shot in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the USA, The Bible Revolution told the story from the 14th century when the Bible in English was banned in England by Church and State, to the present day. The film is based on the struggles of three men: John Wyclif, the 'morning star of the Reformation' who began the process of translation; William Tyndale, whose translation is the foundation of the King James and all subsequent English versions; and Thomas Cranmer, Henry VIII's archbishop, who finally oversaw the publication of the Bible in English, and who died at the stake under Queen Mary.


With Bible readings by Kenneth Branagh, a specially composed score by Paul Lawler, and spectacular drama sequences, The Bible Revoution won awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

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