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"David is hard working and very passionate about his films. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of history with terrific attention to detail. He has a very positive attitude and a great deal of production experience and it was a pleasure working with him." - Dan Gold, Executive Producer, Channel 5


"A superb director, very strong visually with a great sense of narrative. really cares about his work, and is a pleasure to work with. Has a wonderful voice for VO too." - Ed Taylor Executive Producer, ITV Studios


"Shit hot" Harry Bell, Creative Director, Tern TV


"I have worked with David as his series producer, his exec and as a fellow director and have always really enjoyed it. He is a passionate, committed and enthusiastic director of history based films - confident with complex content and argument and able to engage with expert presenters. The films always look great as well!"

Rachel Bell, Executive Producer, IWC Media



"As a subject specialist (early medieval history and culture) who has had the privilege and pleasure of working with David, I can enthusiastically and whole-heartedly recommend him as a collaborator. His knowledge, research and writing skills and his abilities as a producer and director are matched by a passionate and sensitive commitment to the subject in hand and a respect for the professionalism of others. He is thoroughly delightful and stimulating to work with"

Michelle Brown, Emeritus Professor of Medieval MS Studies (SAS, University of London); former Curator at British Library


"David is a highly creative and imaginative producer/director, working in a challenging field that requires intense commitment and accuracy. His rich and evolving portfolio is of the highest quality. David's strengths are his ingenuity, his extensive repertoire and his intellectual gravitas."

Dominic Newbould, ex-Open University



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