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"When Tern TV asked me to direct a programme about Delphi for BBC4 in 2010 I couldn't believe my luck. Dr Michael Scott of Warwick University is a superb and expert presenter and we soon delivered Delphi: Bellybutton of the Ancient World, a film about Delphi's role as a mirror the Greeks held up to themselves, which reflected their vital, but peculiar world view.That was followed in the next year by a two part series, Guilty Pleasures, about luxury in ancient Greece ["Nothing in Excess?"] and the Middle Ages ["A Deadly Sin?"].


 Then in 2012 we made Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth, a three-part series ["Democrats", "Kings", "Romans"] about the invention of theatre in ancient Athens, and its role in Greek politics and history from the zenith of classical Athens to the age of Imperial Rome. "



BBC/iPlayer links:


Delphi TX BBC4 November 2010 1 x 60'

Guilty Pleasures TX BBC4 July 2011 2 x 60'

Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth 

TX BBC4  August 2013 3 x 60' 



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