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Ancient Greece: TGSOE  The Reviews.

Radio Times 27th August: ‘the twin developments [of democracy and theatre are] fascinatingly explored here by Michael Scott, a bright and engaging presenter..’

The Guardian 27th August: ‘Michael Scott’s enthusiasm for his subject is clear throughout’

Daily Express 28th August: ‘the passionate Classicist Dr Michael Scott showed how the earliest theatrical productions were part of a cultural revolution.’

The Guardian 28th August: ‘This was informed and impassioned stuff. Scott has made 5 documentaries about the Greeks now for the Beeb, and one this evidence he will be making them for as long as he has facts… to share’

Daily Mail 31st August: ‘Scott wisely focuses on his core subject, and delivers a thrilling perspective on both history and the arts’

Radio Times 31st August: ‘High-class but not highbrow, this is exemplary entertainment’

Sunday Express 1st September: ‘Scott undoubtedly knows his stuff’

Sunday Times 1st September: ‘This is an enjoyable masterclass’

Radio Times 7th September: ‘A splendid series’

Independent 10th September: ‘Scott’s fascinating foray into ancient Greek drama’

Sunday Times 8th September: ‘The curtain falls on Michael Scott’s excellent series.. It is an attractive and absorbing essay. Bravo!’ 

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