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1. Jeremy Paxman on the Tweed: ospreys, legends and border traditions

Rivers with Jeremy Paxman

4 x 60' for Channel 4 2016

I directed all four films in this series for Channel 4, in which Jeremy Paxman explores four of Britain's most evocative rivers: the Tweed, the Thames, the Mersey and the Severn. Combining history, geography and JP's inimicable gruff humour, it showed another side of Britain and another side of Paxman, whether he was struggling with a mudhorse on the Severn, coming face-to-face with an osprey on the Tweed, or electrofishing on the Mersey.

Password for these films: Liveseys


More Rivers with Jeremy Paxman on my vimeo site

2. Jeremy Paxman travels up the Severn: mudhorses, coracles, wine and poetry

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