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Writer • Director • Producer

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I am a widely experienced freelance writer, director and producer. I specialize in history, religion, landscape and archaeology programming, mainly about the UK, Europe and the United States. I’m passionate about factual film making, whether it’s in high end dramadoc [Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty, The Bible Revolution, Forged in Fire, The Bible], presenter-led documentary [Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth, Lost Kingdoms of Africa, Empire, Monarchy], or archive and interview shows [Women of the Bible, Ruling Passions].  I believe compelling narrative is at the core of films whatever the format, and I love bringing the past to life on screen. Based in London, I began my TV career at Thames TV and have subsequently worked with many of the UK’s leading factual production companies including Blakeway, 3BM, United/Granada [Bristol], Diverse, Pioneer and Tern [Glasgow], making programmes for a wide range of networks in the UK and elsewhere. I am experienced in all formats, shooting a wide range of programmes in locations from Europe and the UK to America, the Middle East, India and Africa.


Selected credits

2018 -1019

Drain the Oceans

1 x 46’ Mallinson-Sadler Productions for National Geographic


Mythical Monsters

2x46’      Windfall Films for Discovery

Series Producer



Rivers with Jeremy Paxman

4 x 47’ presented by Jeremy Paxman      Tern TV for More 4/ Channel 4   

Writer/Series Producer/Director



Various development projects

BBC/Discovery                              Optimago Media          Producer/Director/Storyliner



Women of the Bible

96’ for the Lifetime Channel      Lightworkersmedia       Writer/Storyliner/Producer

Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets

4x45’ for Channel 5, presented by Dan Jones    Channel 5 Productions      Writer/Series Producer



Britain’s Secret Homes; Britain’s Secret Treasures [series 2]

ITV for ITV1       Writer/Producer/Director

Selected credits [cont]



Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth

3x60’ for BBC4, presented by Michael Scott       Tern

 TV for BBC4       Writer/Series Producer/Director

The Bible [documentary series]

Lightworkersmedia for History Channel      Writer/Series producer

The Bridges that Built London

1 x 60' Presented by Dan Cruickshank       Tern TV for BBC4         Writer/Producer/Director



Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in Ancient Greece; Luxury in the Middle Ages

2x 60' Presented by Michael Scott    Tern TV for BBC4       Writer/Series Producer/Director



The Story of God

Development project for BBC1/Discovery   BBC Religion, Manchester    Development Writer

Delphi: Bellybutton of the Ancient World

1 x 60’  Presented by Michael Scott   Tern TV for BBC4            Writer/Producer/Director



Lost Kingdoms of Africa

2 x 60’ Presented by Gus Casely-Hayford  IWC Media for BBC2/4   Writer/Producer/Director

History’s Hardest Prison

1 x 50’ dramadoc,      Pulse Films for National Geographic UK          Writer/Producer/Director



Christianity: A History

2 x 50’ with  Kwame Kwei-Armah and Robert Beckford Pioneer Productions for Channel 4                Writer/Producer/Director



Forged in Fire

10 x 50’ dramadocs       Brook-Lapping Productions for Discovery US        Writer/Series Producer [development]



The Bible Revolution

 102’ dramadoc: presented by Rod Liddle              Silver Hugo award, CBC award

Pioneer Productions for Channel 4/WNET          Writer/Producer/Director

The History Quiz

Pilot for More 4, presented by David Mitchell        Objective Productions for More 4          Producer



Terry Jones’ Barbarians

  50’     Oxford Film and TV for BBC2          Writer/Producer/Director

God’s Rottweiler?

50’     3BM Television for Channel 4           Executive producer


50’ presented by Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham

Blakeway Productions for Channel 4            Writer/Producer/Director


Who Wrote the Bible?

104’ presented by Robert Beckford      Diverse  Production for Channel 4      Writer/Producer/Director

Map Man

2 x 30’ presented by Nicholas Crane          Tern Television for BBC2                 Writer/Producer/Director




50’ presented by Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham    Winner of CBC Media award

Blakeway Productions for Channel 4                                              Writer/Producer/Director


 2 x 50’: presented by David Starkey                          Granada Bristol for Channel 4             

 Writer/Producer/Director; co-author of accompanying book




2x50’: presented by Niall Ferguson     Blakeway Productions for Channel 4           Writer/Producer/Director




 1x 50' Secret History           3BM television for Channel 4           Writer/Producer/Director



 Battle Fields

2x50': presented by Richard Holmes      United Productions for BBC2         Writer/Producer/Director


Additional Credits 1988-99


Ape-man, BBC2;

Abdul Aziz [2 x 50’], McKinnon Films; Challenge of the New, Geofilms for BP;

The Road to Golgotha, BBC1, Series producer;

Ruling Passions: sex, race and Empire, BBC2, Series producer;

A Progress through Politics BBC2;

Capital Futures Carlton TV;

Europe Express Channel 4;

For Love or Money…? Channel 4, Series producer;

Heart of the Matter BBC1;

Down to Earth, Channel 4, Series producer; Visions, ITV, Series editor;

Jesus before Christ, Channel 4;

Secret Society – Cabinet, Channel 4;

A Gift Wrapped in Thorns ITV;

Murder Squad ITV

The Treatment ITV



Previous employment

General researcher: Thames TV; Writer, Publicity Department: Thames TV

Desk-editor: Penguin Books


Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge: MA (Hons), History

Marlborough College, Wilts: 3 A levels, 6 O levels


Philip Craig, MSP   Michael Waterhouse

Harry Bell, Creative Director, Tern TV

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